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The ultimate guide for newly weds abroad

You’ve just thrown the biggest party of your life. You’ve people-managed warring family members, negotiated hard with scores of suppliers, and spent entire evenings hunched over a table plan. You’re pretty much a multi-tasking superhero. But even superheroes need to recharge their batteries now and again.

So even if you’re both full-on adventure junkies, don’t plan to rush headlong into a jam-packed schedule of activities, especially if you’re in a new city where you haven’t found your feet. Trust us: leave the first couple of days fairly free. Acclimatise, get to know one another again in a pressure-free zone and bask in all those wedding memories. Your brain will thank you for letting it catch up. Then chuck yourself into the fun feet first.

A two-week beach break doesn’t quite float your boat? Don’t feel you have to cave to others’ expectations of what a honeymoon ‘should’ be. Make no mistake: the wedding business is a booming industry, and there are plenty of people chomping at the bit to profit from your love for one another. If what you both truly desire is an all-inclusive trip to a far-flung white-sand wonderland, go for it to your hearts’ content. If the idea of lying on a beach for longer than five minutes makes you break out in a rash, don’t sweat it.

Stats show that more couples than ever before are looking for adventure and activities on their honeymoons. They’ve figured out what the packaged holiday companies don’t want them to: that romance is whatever you make it, whether that’s a dozen roses, a canyoning day trip, a windy clifftop walk, or (ahem) screeching Pulp’s Common People at each other at the tops of your voices in a private karaoke booth.

Find the eternal honeymooners

Enter Mike and Anne from HoneyTrek (, whose 500-day honeymoon is now at five years and counting… Realising that life is short and there’s a whole lot of world out there to discover, these two set off to celebrate the next chapter of their lives together with the ultimate (and seemingly never-ending) round-the-world trip. We caught up with them to find out more.


Where was your last trip?

Anne: We recently travelled through Europe, going from Portugal to Spain then onto Hungary and Croatia. We were headed to Portugal for a wedding but thought we’d make the most of our time in Europe, so picked up a house-sitting gig taking care of a two-hectare farm, and then went on to visit friends in Spain and Budapest.


Where next?

Mike: At the moment we’re planning a trip to the Caribbean for February and after that we’re speaking at a blogger conference in Jerusalem, so we’ll probably use that trip to check out Jordan and Omanas well. Then in April the goal is to do a six-month road trip around the US, Canada and Mexico.


What are your first travel-related memories?

Anne: When I was six years old my dad was living in Japan and we decided the family should move out there with him. I remember taking a trip over to check out schools and houses and being so struck by the cultural differences – having to take your shoes off before going into the classrooms at school, the houses having rice paper walls, even the juice flavours.